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Polyplank undertakes to repair pallets damaged as a result of fair wear and tear, under the following conditions:

  • Clients deliver clean, damaged Polyplank plastic pallets to our factory where the pallets will be assessed.
  • The pallets will be disassembled and reassembled free of charge.
  • Broken or excessively damaged components will be replaced and clients will only be charged for replacement components.

For clients that are too far from our factory to send their pallets in for repair, no problem, buy enough pallets from us and we will send a team to do the necessary maintenance at your premises! How is that for good service!


  • Polyplank plastic pallets break from forklift mishandling rather than from weaknesses in the pallet or material
  • Data from our clients indicates that with rough handling of our pallets, repair charges are approximately 5% per annum.  This of course is up to you and your forklift drivers!
  • When the top slats of a Polyplank plastic pallet breaks, the slat dislodges with the nails or screws intact.  Nails and screws also do not work their way loose as with wooden pallets. Goods stored on the pallet are, therefore, not exposed to damage from the nails or screws
  • Because Polyplank plastic pallets are repairable, you save loads and loads of cash by not having to pay for a pallet that you can no longer use and having to replace that pallet

Not only are our pallets manufactured from recycled plastic but we recycle broken components and do not fill landfills with our damaged components!

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