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Polyplank manufactures the only effectively repairable plastic pallets available.

The pallets are manufactured from recycled plastic using components that are registered as functional design patents. These designs allow for an extremely strong and cost effective product, with the weight equivalent of wooden pallets.

Polyplank plastic pallets look like wooden pallets but are made from a blend of recycled plastic that has been tested to ensure optimum rigidity without being brittle.

Polyplank plastic pallets can be made to client specifications for specialised applications and weight requirements, for load ratings of up to 12 tons.

Polyplank remains committed to manufacturing superior pallets, providing clients with innovative and cost effective solutions as well as value added services such as the repair of pallets.

Polyplank makes a significant contribution to the environment by saving trees and landfills from plastic. Polyplank also assists companies who want to convert their plastic waste into pallets.

Polyplank plastic pallets are used in various industries, from food processing, cold storage and distribution to warehousing, nurseries, wineries, fishing and concrete and brick manufacturers.

Polyplank has recently introduced a range of furniture manufactured from its Polyplank recycled plastic components. A major advantage is that Polyplank's furniture can be used outdoors without requiring maintenance, which is a major drawback of wooden furniture.

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